The Missing Chapter

It was always my intention to include my voice in the anthologies I publish. However, my voice is missing from Knocked Up Abroad Again. Tapping into raw emotion wasn’t a possibility this time around as I was under an incredible amount of stress, juggling too many logistics, and tackling too many other activities crowdfunding and publishing the book. I leveraged every creative nerve in my body during the Kickstarter campaign to help make the book a reality and the publication schedule marched on without my chapter.

My creativity suffers under stress. In order to write from an inspired place, I wait for the voices in my head (we all have at least one ‘inner voice’) to wake up, and as long as I am preoccupied with other things, those voices are quiet. I need an empty house, an empty head, and steady breath to bring forth my words. Much to my disappointment, that magical recipe didn’t come together between the months of July and October.

Some people can create brilliantly under pressure, but my best efforts to write a chapter were all uninspired. Forced. I refuse to publish anything that doesn’t move me and I remained unmoved by my words on the page. I dragged draft after draft into the trashcan icon on my computer.

So Knocked Up Abroad Again does not have a chapter by Lisa Ferland, and for that, I apologize. As a writer, editor, and publisher, I love to include little pieces of myself in the books that I so lovingly create.

I will eventually write the missing chapter when I have a moment to sit down with my memories and allow my emotions to well up inside long enough for them to spill onto the page. Until that inspiration strikes, I am quite content to help other women tell their stories.

If you are interested in sharing your personal story on Knocked Up Abroad in a short(er), essay format, please click here for submission guidelines.

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  • Margaret Howland

    Oh Lisa, even your family who love you dearly, and greatly admire your creative abilities, do not expect super miracles from you. Just ordinary miracles, like getting this new book into existence,, yes! And you did it. And if we whine a bit about not having anything of yours included, remind us that the whole BOOK is you, your creation.
    It is terrific. Bask in that knowledge.
    Much love, Grandma

    • Thanks, Grandma. I feel more comfortable with the behind-the-scenes role but I still want to challenge myself to put myself out there whenever possible. My creativity was used in other ways this time around. Next time…(she says hesitatingly)

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