Below are all of the resources I mentioned in my Families in Global Transition webinar, Moving With Children.


Helpful Tools (AnyList and Freedcamp)

AnyList – The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list.

AnyList is the best way to create and share a grocery shopping list. Available now on the App Store.


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Helpful Articles

Books on moving and transitions for TCKs

Moving is part of the package (no pun intended) of a third culture kid. Boxes, crates, suitcases, packing and unpacking were all fixtures of my childhood experience. By the time I was 13,our family had moved 9 times. Each place has special memories, each new home or apartment has its own stories.


The Most Important Moving Box

Spring is here and For Sale signs are popping up as frequently as tulips. A quick search of local MLS listings reveals 10 homes for sale just in my little neighborhood. Many people look to make a move before the end of summer and start of the school year.


Expat Life: The Difference Between Traveling and Moving Abroad

Traveling is like a whimsical romance; exciting unpredictable, and passionate. But moving abroad, you strip the city an it’s local culture revealing its demons and angels. You become vulnerable, dependent, and invested. The lust of wander is compromised by its imperfections and challenges.

Moving Abroad? 7 Things Your Child Needs To Hear You Say – Expatriate Connection

Admit it… You feel guilty. For the third time in 4 years, you have to move. For you, it might just be OK. But for your kids? They’re 6, 12 and 15 years old. The younger starts grade one, the second is heading to high school and the older one is right in the middle …


The Ultimate Family Moving Guide

The Ultimate Family Moving Guide

Whether you’ve survived a family move before or this is your very first move, we have created this guide especially for you. Our aim is to help you to get you and your family from A to B in one piece, sanity intact.

Helping Children Through Transitions

My son was 7 when he went through his second international move. As he watched our house line up with boxes, he offered a glimpse into the turmoil that the move was causing him. “It feels like I am breaking apart my Lego spaceships that I spent all this time building,” he said, “just so I can build them again, from the beginning.”

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The Resilience Doughnut | Building Resilience World Wide

The Resilience Doughnut is a model for building resilience in children and young people. This model is being used by practitioners all around Australia and the world.

Love Language Profile for Children – The 5 Love Languages®

If they haven’t done so already, ask your parents to read the tips for parents. Then, have them guess what the answer to the Love Language Mystery will be and secretly write down that guess on a piece of paper for later (no peeking). Each clue box has two comments that parents sometimes make to …

Launches Early October 2016! | Small Planet Studio

The Re-entry Relaunch Roadmap is a fun, unique, and thought-provoking workbook designed to help you navigate reverse culture shock and find your next global adventure after living, working, studying, volunteering or traveling abroad. Filled with fresh insights, creative activities, and actionable advice, the Relaunch Roadmap will help you process your complex emotions, articulate what you …

3 Tips for Successfully Moving Abroad with Children

This article is for anyone who is thinking about moving abroad with children …. I’m sure most of you will have heard of the Real Estate 3 tips for a successful property purchase: Location 2. Location 3. Location On a similar note, my 3 tips for successfully moving abroad with children are: Timing 2.

Do you want to have a digital career that allows you to express yourself creatively anywhere around the world with a WiFi connection? I’ve teamed up with the amazing Christine Gilbert, photographer, filmmaker, author of Mother Tongue, and creator of Almost Fearless. Christine and her husband have produced numerous valuable resources for helping people realize their dreams of a mobile lifestyle.

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you are supporting Knocked Up Abroad by funding my coffee addiction.

The course is delivered in four weekly installments with text and video lessons, plus assignments and group discussion.

Week 1: How to use the manual settings on your camera. How to harness exposure settings for low light photography.

Week 2: The best composition methods to get a great looking portrait. How to get that gorgeous blurry background on photos.
Week 3: How to process photos to make them stand out.
Week 4: The different approaches to food, portraits, landscapes.

Begins: July 15th

For creatives launching a crowdfunding or social media campaign:

The Launch KitLaunch Toolkit

Launch your next successful project with this comprehensive launch toolkit that includes: project plan, task list, sample emails, long form appeals, and tips for framing and communicating during your launch.

Cost: $97
Begins: October 7th, 2016

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Killer List BuildersKiller List Builder

 You get EVERYTHING you need to create a killer list builder:

Day 1: Writing your list builder. It’s about the length of a blog post (or longer) but WHAT you write about is going to have a major impact on how well your list builder works.
Day 2: How to design the cover using either Photoshop (30 day free trial) or Canva (free). Included: ANY Shutterstock image for your cover image.
Day 3: How to design the interior using either Powerpoint or WordPress. Included: Free templates and fonts for your design.
Day 4: Setting up your offer and connecting it with a mailing list program (we demo Mailchimp and ConvertKit).Included: templates for creating an ebook mock-up
Day 5: Creating an automation workflow so you can send them newsletters, latest posts and/or a series of offers for your product.

Begins: July 1st

Facebook Ads That ConvertFacebook Ads That Convert

The course is delivered in five installments and you have as long as you need to complete.

This is the step-by-step Facebook master class you’ve dreamed of… we’ve put together all the tips and tricks we’ve used to get massive results with Facebook – by correctly targeting, tailoring and hacking the FB system. Don’t just pour cash into FB boosts that do nothing… you have to customize! We’ll show you how.

Begins: November 4th

I need help with advertising on Facebook. Take me there!

Building Information Products That SellBuilding Information Products That Sell

Information products can take any form — they are:
-ebooks, ecourses, webinars, workshops, live calls, coaching, consulting, membership only areas

The course is delivered in two parts:

Week 1: The strategy and methods behind creating an offering that will actually sell. It’s very easy to design something that sounds fantastic, but simply doesn’t excite your audience. We deep dive on what works, how to apply this to your specific situation and choose a delivery method (ebook, course, member area etc) for your content.

Week 2: This week is all about implementation. It’s one of the most challenging aspects when you’re just starting out – how do you collect emails, take payments, automate registrations, and handle charge backs and refunds? What are the best tools? We’ll walk you through all of it, with step-by-step instructions.

Begins: August 5th, 2016

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Wecreate art

Selling Art With Print On Demand

The course is delivered in eight weekly installments with text and video lessons, plus assignments and group discussion.
Week 1: Choosing the right platform for your art/designs
Week 2; Leveraging profiles
Week 3: Building products (bonus templates for Redbubble and Society 6)
Week 4: Making money! (Bonus calculator to plan your year of revenue)
Week 5: Promotion and Social Media
Week 6: Setting up your own shop in WordPress
Week 7: FB & Shopify integration
Week 8: Targeting FB ads for your product $97
Begins: Immediately

Sketchbook courseLearn To Draw And Keep A Sketchbook

The course is delivered in 30 daily drawing prompts with text and illustrated examples, plus assignments and group discussion. No experience drawing necessary! Anyone can learn how to draw.  Required supplies: Pencil and Paper (read more about optional supplies)

– Develop a drawing habit through daily exercises.
 – Learn techniques to see like an artist, the key to drawing realistically.
– Share your progress in our collaborative private community.

Begins: Immediately

Starting Your BookStarting your book

The course is delivered in 30 daily writing prompts with text and assignments plus group discussion.

To write a book, you have to plan your book: 
 – Create your book outline with step-by-step instructions.
 – Have your book outline reviewed and get feedback from a pro writer.
– Learn how to weave together all of the elements of your book to make a compelling narrative.

Begins: Immediately

Non-fiction book proposals

Writing Non-Fiction Book Proposals

The course is delivered in 6 weekly lessons plus assignments and group discussion.
Week 1: Agents: Why you need an agent & how to find one
Week 2: Book proposal: Positioning & Sales
Week 3: Book proposal: Your Platform & Bio
Week 4: Book proposal: Outline
Week 5: Book proposal: Sample Chapter
Week 6: Query letters: How to Pitch Agents

Bonus: One proposal review at the end of the course.

Begins: June 17th

I need help with my book proposal. Take me there!

Creative Entrepreneur MastermindCreative Entrepreneur Mastermind

This is the big kahuna!
This is six-month, hybrid mastermind – mentorship program. The core of the program includes five courses that walk you through implementing your sales and marketing systems, plus lifetime membership to the Creative Entrepreneur Mastermind group, two hours of one-on-one coaching via phone or Skype and an intake email consultation.

Registration closes on July 20th, 2 PM EST – or when all spaces are filled, whichever comes first.

The program begins: complete the in-take form & create your high-level strategy. Join the Mastermind group.
Course 1: Creating Killer List Builders (how to grow your audience 10x faster)

Product building begins. You can choose one path or both.
Course 2: Building Information Products That Sell (ebooks, courses, webinars and coaching)
Course 3: Print on Demand (selling anything that has drop shipping, including setting up the shop and promotion)

MENTOR CALL (first week of Sept): 1 hour call to review your progress and fine-tune your plan.
Create: Implementation and build for a month

Course 4: Launch Kit (a step by step toolkit for your launch with checklists and project plans).
Complete your implement pre-launch checklist

MENTOR CALL (first week in Nov): 1 hour call to review your pre-launch checklist and make sure you’re on target.
Course 5: Facebook Ads that Convert (how to run even small $10 campaigns that result in sales)

DEC and JAN: Launch your products and sell your pants off.

2017 and beyond… maintain access to the Creative Entrepreneur Mastermind group as you all continue to grow and flourish!

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