“My heart jumped. Baby!”

About the Book

The writers of Knocked Up Abroad are brave and adventurous in this heart-warming, emotional, and fascinating anthology. With a fearless spirit, they welcomed babies into the world under somewhat incredible circumstances. Go on a journey around the world as 21 mothers and two dads vividly describe their foreign environments and how they learned to thrive in a new country.

These stories take place in 24 different countries and span several continents to highlight the infinite ways in which babies are welcomed into the world. Knocked Up Abroad provides a glimpse of the wide range of experiences women face when giving birth and raising their children in a foreign culture, language, and environment. Each story is as unique as the child being born.

Critical Reviews for Knocked Up Abroad

“These stories are harrowing, funny, heartwarming, and vastly different from each other.”

– The Wall Street Journal Expat

“Each story is unique and though the parents in the book all have wide-ranging experiences based on location, the common overwhelming feelings associated with raising a family are evident—including the question, ‘Am I raising my child right?’ with an expat twist of ‘Is this global lifestyle good for my child?'”

—Global Living Magazine

“Knocked Up Abroad floats and jabs, amuses and disturbs, informs and questions. At the heart of it is a true and lovely heart. Ultimately as scary as it may seem to leave one’s home country, one never really leaves home at all. Home is a place you carry with you…No, home is a place first lived in a womb then carried in arms then held by hands. Home is family and family is home. I loved this book from the bottom of my heart.”

– Hubert O’Hearn, San Diego Book Reviews

“I enjoyed every chapter in Knocked Up Abroad, and I also enjoyed the fact that they were all written in their own style, the style of the author of that particular section. It made every chapter very personal, a personal story not just of giving birth or bringing up a child, but of doing it in their own way in a culture that wasn’t their own.”

– Clara Wiggins, author of The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide

“To all the Mums and Dads out there experiencing overseas birthing, you are not alone and the most important message I gained from reading this collection was, don’t doubt yourself. Use your intuition, if in doubt say no, and make the choices that feel right to you. This is a must-have book in any expat parent’s collection.” 

– Keri from Baby Globetrotters

What readers are saying:

5-star reader reviews

“Chicken Soup for the Expat Mother’s Soul.”

“Knocked Up Abroad is enlightening, fascinating, and fun. But whether you move abroad or not, this is a great, reassuring, thoughtful book about childbirth, travel, getting acquainted with people who might have different customs, and enjoying the experience.”

“What a bunch of brave women! A collection of very eye-opening birth stories from moms around the world, Knocked Up Abroad brings to light all the different cultural “norms” expat moms experience when they’re not in the U.S. and creating families.”

“I stand in awe of the many ways that women bear and raise children around the world. Even more, do I appreciate going from your own language and comfort zone to an unknown one?Ferland has assembled a wonderful collection of women and their stories, ranging from one-hour deliveries to bearing twins that have wildly different delivery needs. A wonderful collection!”


Contributing mothers and fathers from 24 different countries include:

Lana Ankarcrona, Jannecke Balys, Erin Boeck Motum, Candice Cabutihan-Cipullo, Mirren Childs, Michelle Estekantchi, Ersatz Expat, Cathy Ferland, Jonathan Ferland, Naomi Hattaway, Sherah Haustein, Katarina Holm-DiDio, Chantelle Howell, Demi Jones, Olga Mecking, Sarah Metzker Erdemir, Sarah Murdock, Penelope Stanley, Ember Swift, Sten-Ove Tullberg, Meika Weiss, Clara Wiggins, and Jackie Wilson.

About Contributing Author and Editor

Lisa Ferland is a US citizen who has lived abroad in Sweden since 2012, working as a public health consultant. She has always an enthusiast for travel and adventure and has traveled solo through Brunei and rural China in her formative years.

Knocked Up Abroad is her first published book outside of her public health work. Her greatest adventure, parenting, combined with the often challenging foreign environment, has led to some of her most exciting discoveries about herself. Nowadays, she enjoys spending her days picking blueberries with her children in the Swedish forests, visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and splashing around in the Baltic Sea.

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